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Episode 19: Toxic Business Cultures are DEI Violations

It seems vast majorities of us have worked in places where toxic and unhealthy business cultures are rampant. You may feel that you are the problem, but I am here to tell you that is NOT true! Toxic work cultures are deeply rooted in oppression and replicate the nastiness of our society. So, what do you do if you work in a culture that is unhealthy? 

Are you a business owner wondering if your DEI and anti-racism values align with your business policies? I’ll show you what steps to take in this episode, as we dive into the TOP FIVE signs of a toxic business culture. My best tips will help you create a liberatory work environment and be an accountable leader, since patterns of clear DEI and anti-racism violations have no place in a business culture that claims to be inclusive. Once you know better, you can do better! 

Listen in to hear more about:

  • How to spot toxic work environments (and what makes healthy business cultures!)
  • These top five signs of a toxic business culture will help you be self-reflective and self-aware of your DEI and anti-racism values
  • How you can utilize data to identify patterns of disparity and create accountability 
  • Why critical feedback should not lead to a fear of retaliation (and how it should improve your business instead!)
  • My personal experience with work disparity and why I regret not speaking up
  • Why business leaders have to DROP the ego and be humble to grow in their DEI and anti-racism practices
  • I read some of your TOP Instagram comments on spotting toxic work cultures and DEI violations
  • My #1 takeaway from tonight’s episode to create a liberatory work environment 
  • And so much more!

Short on time? Check out some of the show highlights:

  • [5:03] Businesses are not prepared to deal with DEI and anti-racism issues
  • [9:23] The five signs of a toxic business culture
  • [33:00] My personal experience with a toxic workplace
  • [36:50] What commenters added to my Instagram post about spotting toxic work cultures
  • [43:07] What you can do if you are in a culture that is unhealthy

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