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Can I just brag about my team for a second? Because they are just amazing.

Seriously, I have always prided myself on knowing how to identify good team members, but this group of folks right here, they blow me away all of the time.

Although there was a time where I was able to do all the things in my business including set up the sales pages, coach all the clients, plan the launches, write the emails, set up all the tech for our programs…those days are behind us. And, although I know that some folks come to us hoping to get my individual attention on all of their questions, I also know that is NOT the best way to coach.

Having a diverse, well-rounded team allows us to deliver high-quality coaching and deep insights from folks with a wide variety of specialties and brilliance.

This is a team of people I’ve hand-picked and trained on my coaching philosophies and methodology, so our clients are always getting support that is anchored in my approach and our values of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI).

It is my honor to introduce you to…

Headshot of Teresa Nieves, Executive & Operations Coordinator for Trudi Lebron

Teresa Nieves

Teresa has over 16 years in the nonprofit sector. Throughout this time, Teresa supported children, families, and adults in their homes, schools, and community. Teresa has worked with people on battling addictions and homelessness, finding resources and support for families, and how to reconnect to their own motivation to find success. Through her skills in Motivational Interviewing and a Masters in Management & Organizational Leadership, Teresa has been able to create programs and projects that are person centered and create real change.

Dellea Copeland

Dellea is the Director of Marketing of The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching®. She is an experienced academic, online entrepreneur, and digital marketer with an eye for storytelling. She believes in simple content marketing and the power of data-driven decision making. As a testament to the power of authenticity, Dellea’s clients collectively earned almost $1 million in 2020 with her shame-free marketing system. In Dellea’s free time, she enjoys podcasting, film/tv history, krav maga, and cuddling her dog Boo. 

Headshot of Charmagne Short, Program Coach for Trudi Lebron

Charmagne Glass-Tripp

Charmagne has worked for over 15 years sharpening her diversity, equity, and inclusion lens working for social justice organizations like Love Makes A Family, Everyday Democracy, and now ScriptFlip!. She attends, participates in, plans, and presents trainings, workshops, webinars, collaboratives, and programs. She has worked closely with communities on various issues, showed them how systemic racism played a part in each, and informed them that, without addressing it, their solutions would be missing a very important piece.

Charmagne brings to this work emotional intelligence, patience, commitment to collaboration, and her own experience as a Black lesbian. She appreciates that we must lean in at times when it is really hard, practice radical self-care, and never give up.

Her approach has always been to find connections, humanize, and try to empathize with those struggling with their privilege–not to coddle, but to gain a deeper understanding of how to engage in ways that benefit us all. Charmagne does this work because she wants to assist in creating safe and inclusive spaces where everyone is valued, and to impact the outcomes for marginalized communities in ways that are meaningful.

Headshot of Katalina Euraque, a community facilitator for Trudi Lebron and her team.

Katalina Euraque

Katalina Euraque honors the power of vulnerability, storytelling, and collaborative learning as a
community facilitator.

She was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and has lived between Hartford and Tegucigalpa throughout her life, claiming both as her hometown. Exploring her multicultural, multilingual, multiracial, and often contradictory heritage has influenced her understanding of home/identity and highlighted the importance of building community from a foundation of love, truth-telling and accountability.

She honors all the organizers, community members, truth-tellers, artists, leaders, neighbors,
ancestors that continue to teach and inform the way she centers community.

She is excited to continue to learn and root herself in community centered work that focuses on equity and creating space for people to tell their stories.

Headshot of Luci Lebron, Administrative Assistant for Trudi Lebron

Luci Lebron

Luci is one of those folx who has a sensitive soul. She dances when happiest and is happiest when dancing. While working in the digital world she bumps whatever music resonates with her soul including Old Skool Hip Hop,
Afro Beats, and recently added Dancehall to the playlist. She’s a playful caretaker and mom to a teen human and 2 cats.

Headshot of Sarah Cook, in-house business strategist for Trudi Lebron

Sarah Cook

Sarah is our in-house business strategist. With over 8 years of business experience, Sarah loves helping entrepreneurs build their businesses in unique and effective ways by implementing strategies that make sense for their values, strengths, and impact and personal goals. Sarah spent almost 2 years of her business career living out of Air Bnb’s and traveling full time, and now resides in the beautiful state of Maine. She is an avid hiker, loves art and daily dance parties.

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