When you’ve taken an anti-racism course or two and have explored DEI resources for coaches, it’s time to go deeper. It’s time to Show Up and Serve.


A 2-Day Virtual Event for coaches and service-based business owners to transform their work, explore equity-centered business practices, and lead with impact.




Expert-led discussions on how to move from personal work to centering equity in your company, communities, and beyond.


Hands-on workshops on liberatory leadership and culturally responsive coaching.


Learn how to create safe space, reduce harm, and understand how far we’ve come and what’s next for leaders like you.

This year’s virtual experience is designed to support those who began their journey with us in last year’s Show Up and Serve Workshop. And, we are also excited to welcome those who did not participate but are excited to embark on an equity-centered leadership  journey within their own businesses or coaching practice.

Show up and Serve 2021 is the next step on your journey.

During this event, some of us will begin for the first time. Others will deepen their practice. Still others who are veterans of DEI and liberation work will enjoy connection to community and the sharing of new ideas. Wherever you are on the path, Show Up and Serve 2021 is for you.

What is Show Up and Serve 2021?
(AKA, The Details)

For 2021, we’ve expanded the original idea behind Show Up and Serve to a 2-day live event where we can come together, in community, to learn, connect, and expand. During this year’s virtual event on May 20th and 21st hundreds of coaches and service-based business leaders just like you will come together to:

  • Kick-Off the next phase of our work with Trudi Lebron and special guests (Stay tuned for announcements about our speakers leading up to the event).  We’ll cover the state of the union–where we’ve been over the last 12 months and where we’re going into the future.
  • Go beyond personal work and deepen our antiracism journey with an understanding of how we contribute to the transformation of communities, the coaching industry, and the world.
  • Assess where you and your team are now within the Equity-Centered Coaching framework. So you can evaluate the best next steps for you. Learn about the 4-part framework over the course of the 2-day event, so you have time to deeply reflect.

What is Trudi Lebron’s Equity-Centered Coaching framework?

This is a 4-part practice that helps coaches and other service-based businesses lead in a liberatory way. During Show Up and Serve 2021, you will journey through the framework by:

On May 21st, Trudi and team will help you begin to realign your coaching practices and shape your business model to both make a great living and have an equitable impact.

Guest SPeakers of show up and serve 2021

picture of asha frost

Asha Frost

An Indigenous Medicine Healer and a member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. She is an Author and founder of Sacred Membership, a global online medicine circle community. She has served thousands of people for the past two decades in her work as a healer, homeopath and visionary and has studied with many, Medicine People, Elders, and Guides. She guides folks to find their own gifts, reclaim their roots and spirit connection. Through this work, she loves seeing people find their own healing wisdom and rise into their power. 

Myisha T. Hill

A mental health activist, speaker, author, and Life Synergist. A single mother of three amazing children, Myisha has struggled with her own mental health and her role as both mother and business leader. She learned the hard way how to let go of the myth of work/life balance. Now she helps women entrepreneurs learn to thrive. She teaches them how to find Synergy in their own lives, ditch overwhelm, and rewrite their stories. 

picture of bex borucki

Rebekah (Bex) Borucki

A mother to five, a meditation guide, a birth doula, an author, and a mentor for creative healers. Bex is the founder of BexLife, Row House Publishing, and WPP Little Readers Big Change Initiative, Inc. She believes that wellness is a social and racial justice issue. Her mission is to make mental-health support and stress-management tools accessible to all, especially to the most vulnerable among us. As a mentor to creative healers, Rebekah guides her clients to create books and brand presences from the ground up and the heart outward.

Who is Trudi Lebron
and What is Show Up and Serve?

Trudi Lebron standing, hands on hips, with her equity centered coaching logo in the top left cornerHi y’all, I’m Trudi. 

I wanted to pop in here for a moment and speak a bit about what Show Up and Serve is, how it came to be, and why I am really excited to have you join us for year two of this powerful event. 

If you’re new to me, first let me say welcome. I’m glad you’re here, thinking about what it means to center equity in your work. 

I’ve been deeply connected to coaching and how it impacts marginalized communities (and the world) since 2013. A few resume highlights if you’re curious:

Show Up and Serve 2020 came about because many influencers and leaders were not equipped to deal with how the dynamics of trauma, outrage, and fear were playing out on their news feeds, in their community spaces, and with their clients. 

The workshop was a way to respond to an emergency and provide some basic knowledge to folks who desperately needed to think differently about DEI and anti-racism. Over a thousand people in our industry listened to that workshop, over 600 of them live. 

This year is different.

Many of you have been doing the work. You’ve taken anti-racism workshops and read the books. It’s time to go deeper.

I’m here, together with my team and a few special guests, to call you back in. It’s time for us to deepen our practice. It’s time for us to go beyond personal development and weave equity into the fabric of our leadership and how we do business.

Whether you’re new to me or you’ve been on this journey with me since the beginning, I am calling you in.

It’s time to show up once again.

It’s time to serve in a more expansive way.

It’s time for Show Up & Serve 2021.

I’ll see you on May 20th.

In community,


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