Show Up and Serve

A Workshop for White Coaches

This is where we start.

In the summer of 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, and a few months into a global pandemic, many White folks were being confronted with racial injustice in a new way and that awakening was happening on social media.


One of the impact of this awakening is that White leaders (in many industries, but especially the coaching industry) found themselves unequipped to hold space for the needs of their Black and Brown clients, and under-skilled in their ability to facilitate spaces that included a wide diversity of races, backgrounds, worldviews, and opinions.

And mistakes were made. A lot of them.

I put this workshop together and called an Emergency Meeting for all coaches, personal development practitioners to come and get some basic awareness about where things have gone wrong, and what they needed to understand as we attempt to repair that harm, and create a more equitable industry.

These are the basics. The need to know concepts that everyone should be familiar with before taking any action in their business. This is where the work starts.

Learn how you can make an impact:

Since June of 2020 over 3000 coaches, service based entrepreneurs, and healers have participated in their workshop. This is where the journey towards anti-racism started for many of the leaders in our industry.

Protesters holding a sign on cardboard that says, We demand Justice + Change

In this workshop you’ll learn:

What it means to be a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive Entrepreneur and Leader

What it means to be anti-racist

Steps you can take immediately to create a more safe space, reduce harm, and understand what's happening in the world today.

If you haven’t participated in this workshop and are at the beginning of your DEI journey, this is the place to start. 


Headshot of Sunny Lenarduzzi​, CEO and client of Trudi Lebron

Sunny Lenarduzzi​


I was happy with our business prior to working with Trudi and it has been running very smoothly for quite some time. The main focus in working with Trudi was to better educate myself and my team in enhancing our equitable culture. Trudi’s name had come up so many times and I was so excited to work with her in making our business more fair, just and equitable..

Headshot of Adriana Locke, Acupuncturist and client of Trudi Lebron

Adriana Locke


I love how Trudi exemplifies a values-driven business. Everything about how she works feels different than the hierarchical business models I wanted to move away from. It was a game-changer for me to shift my focus to my values and have all the business strategy come from that.

headshot of marsha shandur

Marsha Saunder

Speaker and Storytelling Coach and Founder of Yes Yes Marsha, Toronto, ON

Before I worked with Trudi, I knew I wanted to get better at incorporating equity and diversity into all the aspects of my business but I felt, frankly, terrified. I am a white, non-disabled, cis-gendered, straight-coding woman who mostly grew up around people who are the same. I knew I wanted to be inclusive and also to speak out against prejudice, but I was forever nervous about mis-stepping and saying the wrong thing.

Rebekah Borucki


I’ve started and stopped writing this testimonial for Trudi nearly a dozen times. What I want to say about my work with her requires the space of a book, not a blurb. But what I MUST tell you, is that in the ten years I’ve been running a successful platform, I’ve never worked with a coach as honest, knowledgeable, compassionate, and brilliant as Trudi. After just a one-day intensive with her, I have a renewed passion for my business, I developed a totally new comprehensive and heart-centered plan for integrating my social equity mission into my healing work, and within one month of my one-day intensive with her, I added $80,000 to my income! Every a-ha moment during my time with her has resulted in impactful shifts in strategy and increased income. Her wisdom and no-nonsense direction is unmatched. I can’t sing her praises enough.

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