Black and pink themed cover art for Business Remixed, the Trudi Lebron podcastEp. 25: Rachel Hollis, Leadership and What We’re Actually Doing

Ep. 25: Rachel Hollis, Leadership and What We’re Actually Doing

Rachel Hollis, Leadership and What We’re Actually Doing

Y’all… I just had to get this out. I’ve been wanting to talk about leadership this month, and the “Karen” of the moment, Rachel Hollis, and her microaggressions and nonapology on Instagram last week brought this conversation forward that I just needed to have with you. If you haven’t seen the conversation about what Rachel Hollis has said and done, it was talking about her privilege, wrapped in whiteness, in classism, in elitism, and in meritocracy and the things that so many of us are trying to stop and I have so much to say on this.


So in this episode, I’m bringing you a conversation about what Rachel Hollis got wrong here, how this applies to leadership, what lessons I want you to take away from this to become a better leader yourself, and the 3 things we need to do to truly make change.


Listen now to hear more about:

  • What leadership IS and ISN’T
  • Why we need to continue to talk about microaggressions (and why they are JUST as harmful as the more obvious expressions of racism and oppression)
  • Formal vs informal power and why it matters
  • What the core of this work REALLY is
  • This important thing that makes you a more effective coach, teacher, and educator and how Rachel Hollis is missing the mark


Short on time? Check out the show highlights:

[10:24] Microaggressions: what they are and why they matter 

[15:26] Rachel Hollis’s “apology” and why it’s problematic

[18:14] What I want to remind you of about leadership

[19:58] How I believe we make change in leadership: what liberatory leadership is and how to do it

[29:34] One of the most disempowering moments in my life


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