Business Remixed Podcast WithTrudi Lebron

Entrepreneurs are finding themselves in a social climate shift. The Business Remixed Podcast talks about how those entrepreneurs are remixing their businesses so they can activate their efforts and amplify their impacts on the world around them.

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Are you ready to do things business remixed style?

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you’re probably aware of our social climate. It’s continually changing and more voices are being heard now more than ever. Now, you want to make sure your business is one of the ones that not only hear those voices, but act in a way that contributes to them.

Trudi Lebron is a business and leadership coach for companies who want to do things a little differently. We’re in a constant societal shift and it can be difficult to pinpoint where to mix up our businesses to ensure our values stay on top.

Through the Business Remixed Podcast, Trudi Lebron provides you with the equity-centered coaching services you deserve to make a significant change in your community. If you’re ready to shed the ideas of the past and move forward in ways that will make a difference in the future, join Trudi and her guests in their discussions below.

Remix In Creativity

Explore how to promote your purpose through business creativity.

Dismantling False Beliefs

We’ve all been fed false beliefs. Time to toss those harmful myths from the past and move forward with equity and impact.

Impacting Your Community

Find resources you can use in your own business to positively impact your community.

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