Ep. 34: Remixing Marketing Ethics w/ Tarzan Kay

Remixing Marketing Ethics w/ Tarzan Kay

Do you have strong emotions about email marketing?  Most of us do, whether positive or negative. Do you sometimes wonder if email is still a fundamental part of the conversation (IT IS)?  There has been a strong cultural shift recently in where marketing and ethics intersect. Today I chat about this intersection with Tarzan Kay, a former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in emails that are fun to read, and more addictive than Netflix.  Join us as we dig in deep on persuasion as a social justice issue and the ins and outs of fitting marketing into your anti-racist business.  

Listen now to hear more about:

  • The moment that led Tarzan to look closely at her own business practices
  • How marketing can fall into an abuse of power narrative and what that looks like
  • Where cults and online business can be similar, why they are not the same, and how to determine the difference 
  • How cultural appropriation in marketing desensitizes us and creates dangerous patterns
  • The importance of acknowledging unique challenges and differences in business instead of making presumptions
  • Three things to look at for the future of equitable and effective marketing
  • Trudi and Tarzan’s take on how often you should email your marketing list per week

And so much more!

For more information on subjects mentioned in this episode you can check out Janja Lalich’s work at https://janjalalich.com

Check out Tarzan at  https://www.instagram.com/tarzan_kay or on instagram @tarzan_kay

Check out my book –  The Antiracist Business Book: An Equity Centered Approach to Work, Wealth, and Leadership

Connect with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trudilebron/



Tarzan Kay is a former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in emails that are fun to read, and more addictive than Netflix. 

Her online courses teach how to write story-based copy and make consistent sales from a small email list, without using fear or FOMO.  Her company’s mission is to make high-integrity marketing the new status quo for online business.

In a previous life, Tarzan was a music major and once did a 3-year stint in law school, in French!  When T-Boss isn’t writing emails, you’ll find her taking mid-day dunks in the ice bath or playing Billy Joel’s greatest hits on the piano.

Tarzan and her family live in Ontario, Canada.

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