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Equity-Centered Launch Design Workbook

Create an equitable and successful launch for your business that aligns with your values.

Your business is an extension of your values.

And it has the capability to impact so many people.

But right now you might be feeling like something’s a little off with your launch strategies…

All the “old school” ways of launching aren’t working like they used to. Or, you know they’re leaving a lot of people out. People who need you and your service. People who can make your business thrive, too.

That’s where an equity-centered launch can help.

Launch your offer.
Kick start your new program.
And do it right by working through our workbook first.

Creating a Safer, Impact-Aware Space

I am talking about for everyone.

Inclusive of all race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and ideology.

Your launch becomes the entry point for your ideal clients to feel safe, supported, and integrated with your work.

Learn how to launch an offer that aligns with your values.

Every step of the way.

Effectively create an equity-centered launch.

Say Goodbye to The “Old School” Ways of Launching

The truth is, there is a wrong way to launch an offer.
And it’s the way most coaching businesses still do launches today.

I’m talking with the false timeline tricks:
“Only available for the next five minutes!”

I’m talking about the oppressive extra fees:
“That’s right, your bottom line price also covers the transaction fee, the liability fee, and then because it makes me feel better to charge you more in case you default fee.”

I’m talking the manipulative sales tactics:
“Yes, normally my product costs $1,000. But today only, you can buy two for $2,000!”

The reality is, none of that makes sense.
It’s weaseling your way around actually serving your clients.

Say goodbye to the gross marketing techniques you’ve been taught are the “fast way to easy money” and learn how to create a launch that reaches customers in an ethical, equitable way.

Effectively Create an Equity-Centered Launch


Can I focus on an equity-centered launch before anything else?

If you haven’t done any of the deeply personal work of unpacking, you really shouldn’t be focused on equity-centered launches. Without working on your own personal biases, you could be missing out on an imperative shift, unintentionally leaning into a bias you’re unaware of.

I’m worried I’ll end up with a “White Savior Complex.” Is that going to happen?

There’s a big difference between shouting your own praises from the rooftops and doing the hard work that shows for itself. Keep your focus on the work and the outcomes.

Do I have to choose between running an equitable business and a profitable business?

Absolutely not! I am a strong businesswoman and I understand the importance of money. It can influence when put in the right place. It can create opportunities. It can benefit a community as a whole. I never want you to feel like you have to choose. You can and will have BOTH an equitable launch AND a profitable business.

Will some of my old school ways still work?

Be careful with this. When looking with an equitable lens, you want to make sure every corner of your launch is inclusive. First work on breaking down what isn’t working toward that goal, then implement strategies that fix it. Many parts of your old system aren’t going to work, at least not how they were used. You’ll need to adapt and shift them to be inclusive.

Can I rely on the same team I’ve always used?

Every contractor you hire for your launch needs to be looked at through the equity lens. Ask them how they’ve included DEI in their work in the past. Ask how they plan on including it in the project with you. Anyone who doesn’t understand how to do this should be passed on to someone who can keep your values at the forefront of your launch.

Effectively Create an Equity-Centered Launch

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