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2022 Course Listings

The courses are FREE to members of The Equity-Centered Coaching® Collective and Certification students.  


The IECC is dedicated to helping coaches and leaders deepen their understanding of equitable business practices. I have designed five courses for 2022 to foster critical thinking, sustainable change, and community. 

These four-week courses are for anyone who wants to join our community in exploring their thinking around topics of Identity, Leadership, Toxic Capitalism, Mindset, and Trauma-Informed Practices. 

You can register for any of these courses individually, or your get bundle and get access to all five courses, weekly community calls, a library of DEI and Equity-Centered Coaching learning resources, and more by joining The Collective for Equity-Centered Coaching for $297 a month or $2997 for the year.


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Classes are group call style on Zoom and replays will be available.

Upcoming Classes:

Upcoming Course: Yes, And Manifesting & Mindset Practice In A Complex World

Registration fee: $597

The mindset and manifestation work of previous years has been rightfully criticized for its often blatant dismissal of the impact that systemic oppression and power impacts individuals’ lives and is the breeding grounds for spiritual bypassing, and victim-blaming. In this workshop we will:

  • Explore the psychology mindset and manifestation work.  
  • Renegotiate our relationship to manifestation and mindset work in order to minimize harm and increase coach’s cultural competency. 
  • Explore the boundaries of personal responsibility, manifestation, imbalance power structures, while still embracing the magic and mysticism of these practices (yes… we’re going there). 

Registration fee: $597

Thought leadership has become an undeniable force in brand and business building. But have we considered enough about the social responsibility and impact of thought-leadership work?

How do you become a responsible, effective, thought-leader who is credible, authentic, and just, and isn’t buying into the toxic practices of “fake it till you make it” hustle culture?

In this experiential workshop participants will:

  • Explore the importance, impact and limitation of thought-leadership work.
  • Identify some of the socially responsible traits of a thought-leader. 
  • How to incorporate thought-leadership into your business (spoiler alert: thought-leadership isn’t a business on its own) 

2022 Planned Fall Courses*

Trauma-Informed Practices*

(Nov/Dec 2020)

Liberatory Leadership: Understanding Identity, and Intersectionality

(Sept/Oct 2022)

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*Course topics subject to change based on current events and relevance..

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