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FREE Seminar:
Antiracism, Anti-capitalism, and Scaling your Business in 2022 with Trudi Lebron

Many entrepreneurs and leaders experience internal conflict while facing the realities of providing for themselves and their families, and pursuing their dreams with their political and holding negative beliefs about wealth, hustle culture and capitalism. 

However, having an antiracist approach to business provides a framework for how to scale in alignment with your values and goals for the future. 

Join me in this free seminar to learn more about an antiracist approach to business and the reframed concept of scaling that provides impact-driven entrepreneurs an aligned approach to success in 2022.

This seminar was originally recorded in December 2021.

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Trudi Lebron standing in front of a painting, holding a book

Hi y’all, I’m Trudi!

If you’re new to me, first let me say welcome. I’m glad you’re here, thinking about what it means to center equity and anti-racism in your coaching practice.

I’ve been deeply connected to coaching and how it impacts marginalized communities (and the world) since 2013.

I’m excited you’re taking the time to learn how to attract (and serve) diverse clientele. If you’re ready to show up powerfully in the world, register for my seminar.

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